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Company LECHNER CZ offers transportation comfortable coach NEOPLAN. Our offer is suitable for travel agencies to transport to the destination, as well as for organizing seeing tours. Buses are also suitable for various interest purposes, for fi rms, institutions, schools and so on. We are ready to carry you at any time of the year whether to explore, the sea or the mountains.


The buses are fully air conditioned with tinted windows. The maximum space between the seats 83 cm (class ****). Comfortable seats equipped with safety belts, each seat has individual lighting. There is a DVD player with several screens. Each bus has a rich storage space and plaubě the bathroom.

For the needs of skiers buses are equipped skibox. 

To increase the storage capacity can be added trailer.

The crew

The crew consists of a bus driver with a huge degree of experience of European roads and motorways. Drivers are constantly trained and thanks to modern telecommunications and navigation devices are always a perfect overview of the traffic situation.

What buses offer?

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