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We have been active in the field of transports since 1992. Since than, we have achieved, through our strong-willed and focus efforts, a significant position among the carriers in the market. Our company is able to arrange for you transports of any volumes of goods to any destination both in our country and worldwide. We maintain a close cooperation with a number of foreign companies, which allows us to organize the transports perfectly. We use modern communication technologies and therefore we are constantly provided information on the moves and positions of our vehicles.

In the area of transport we offer complete solutions, i.e. we arrange not only the transport itself, but we also solve all the problems related to the transport. In order to deliver a shipment to a foreign destination in time, it is necessary e.g. to carefully process the shipment in the area of the customs procedures, which is often very complicated, regarding the constantly changing regulations. For a due customs clearance we use the services of experienced customs clearance agents. For intercontinental transports we use also services of sea and air transport. We have attained extensive experiences in this area and we are ready to offer you high-quality services.

The focus of our work lies in road haulage; however, volumes of the sea and air transports keep growing. Any and all shipments that we deliver are subject to the appropriate insurance. Nonetheless, regardless the insurance we observe all the regulations related to a safe transportation. Our objective is to offer services on high and professional level; we e.g. comply with the "ADR" terms and conditions for transport of dangerous goods etc. The transport safety and reliability is directly connected with the company's personnel policy. For the good physical and psychical conditions of our employees we have built our own leisure centre.

The team of our drivers is carefully selected and constantly examined in order to reach a maximum reliability. The dispatching department employees are able to solve efficiently even the most complicated situations that are never rare in the transport area. For this reason, they, of course, need to have language skills and knowledge that can be obtained only by practise in the field.

We have experiences with transports worldwide. We have arranged transports not only in Europe, but also to the USA, Japan or exotic China.

For a perfect organization, it is necessary to have own fleet and high-level technical background. When choosing the vehicles, we were looking for the characteristics we value ourselves: performance, reliability, safety, environmental friendliness, and last but not least, a long-term economic operation. It was a logic conclusion that we have eventually decided to choose VOLVO, the top brand in the area of road haulage. Our vehicles are under a permanent technical supervision, thanks to which we also comply with the demanding terms and conditions for transport of dangerous goods. We attempt to be granted the ISO 9002 certificate.

With respect to the increasing competition among domestic, and recently also foreign transport companies, we focus all our efforts on maintaining and strengthening our good position among the carriers. Our real objective is a satisfied customer and therefore we would like to offer our services to you as well. Should you become interested, we will do anything to make sure that it is you who becomes our next satisfied customer.

On behalf of LECHNER CZ, s.r.o.

Milan Lechner


1994 - Beginning of the business - renting first 2 vehicle combinations
1995 - Our own first new VOLVO combination
1996 - Focus on "ADR" transport of dangerous goods
1997 - Extension of the offer by forwarding services
1998 - Starting concluding long-term contracts with foreign partners
1999 - Equipping the vehicles by the special KOOIAAP fork lift trucks
2000 - Transformation to the limited liability company, with respect to the company's growth
2001 - Intensive increase in transportation capacities
2002 - Preparations for ISO9001 - certification proceedings in process

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